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What kind of consumer are you?

Our forefathers were Scaredy Cats.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have survived. If we find ourselves in a dangerous situation we decide on the spot (autopilot): Fight or Flight. Flight very often wins over fight.

What has that got to do with advertising?

Making decisions is a highly complex procedure for the human brain. So to make things easy, we turn on our autopilot. Because we are afraid of buying the wrong thing, we revert to learned behaviour – I buy this jam because I have always bought it. Why risk buying the wrong product? This status quo bias is only one of many perceptual distortions. But that’s the reason why it is so difficult to overcome the trail barrier amongst loyal customers.

Finished at last …

… the 360° campaign

Great! Everything is ready. All in the same look, tone and feel. No matter which medium, we have the same story, key visual and headline. That’s how a 360° campaign should work. Really? Don’t think so.
Admittedly, it’s better than nothing and much more effective than just a collection of the most creative ideas developed by different specialised agencies.
We think of a 360° campaign more as an orchestra. If every instrument plays the same main melody, it could turn out to be quite a monotonous concert. Boring and dull for the audience.
Then again, if each musician plays his own melody it would turn into chaos.
In order to create an illustrious, powerful 360° campaign, each instrument should play its own notes, its own theme and bring it together to create the same, great symphony. It may sound incredibly complex but the result is one clear voice. Exciting and unforgettable. We call this harmonious interaction. But this orchestra needs a conductor. And this is exactly what we offer. We understand our role as a lead agency which brings the specialised suppliers into the orchestra. We see each medium with its role within the marketing mix and try to create as much harmony between all touchpoints. That is the most exciting part of a 360° campaign and creates awareness.

The big bang.