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Catch – Emotional Branding
Catch is an owner-managed full-service advertising agency. We develop integrated advertising campaigns that cover all media. Catch offers emotional branding for renowned national and international companies, based on the value system of the consumers, from strategy and creative development to production. Above and below the line, analogue and digital, classic advertising, web design & online brand management, instore, direct marketing, CI development and packaging.

Catch believes in advertising in all media
We work in a team of about 16 colleagues, all with strong affinities to the different business areas. We like sustainable organic and environmental products, body care, food, touristic, baby and children’s products. We love animals, consumer goods in general, telecommunication products, entertainment and media.

Catch clients: Big Players and established, renowned brands
Big Players such as Procter & Gamble (Pampers, VICK, Always, Tampax), Wella, Danone (Milupa) and Lufthansa (LSG) belong to our clients. Alnatura, LOTTO Hessen, PLATINUM Premium dog food, Thomas Cook, TetraPak, Mattel (Fisher Price), Motorola and Nintendo are also on our client list. Du to our long-term cooperation with our renowned clients, we have extensive experience in brand building and brand management while staying within the corporate identity.

Catch Advertising Agency – at eyelevel in the centre of the Rhein Main area
We are located in Wiesbaden, in the very centre of Wiesbaden/Frankfurt and keep close, personal contact with our clients. Our teams consist of Account Management, Creation and our Pre-Production colleagues. Our Creatives and Account Managers work closely with the clients at eyelevel. Both Account and Creation are the point of contact. The result is: short distances, uncomplicated teamwork and results we are all proud of.

Christine Götzl, Owner and Managing Directer at Catch
Catch was founded in 1994 in Wiesbaden. The Communication Designer Christine Götzl is the owner and Managing Director at Catch.

What does Emotional Branding mean?
Every consumer has an individual value system. This influences which product suits and can therefore trigger purchase intent. We develop the ideal values of the brand with our clients and turn these into a communication campaign where we connect the consumer with as many touch points as possible. We see every individual medium as an interaction within the entire media mix and strive to connect as many touch points as we can in order create additional contacts within the 360° campaign.