Why do we buy what we buy

Emotional Branding 

May we take you on a short journey into your life? What did you feel the day you started school? Or on the day of your graduation, with your degree in your pocket: young and free or looking forward to making great decisions? Then came the love of your life…and a baby…what an emotional cocktail!

Long live feelings!

When buying a product, we connect with it emotionally. it’s the emotions we connect with that make the difference. We don’t buy a drill because of the drill, we buy the concept behind it: Creating something important or building a home for our loved ones so that they, in return, love and admire us.

The USP is dead

Emotional branding is all about subconscious emotions we feel with a product. Which means the focus isn’t on the USP of the product. To be honest, there are many of these wonderful products but even if they have a USP, the promise of performance needs to be charged with emotions in order to create a purchase intent.

Emotions make brands meaningful!