In love with change

From me to we

Transition processes within company and organisations are complex. The consultant agency Mutaree accompanies this procedure. Every 2 years, Mutaree carries out a comprehensive study and makes it available to interested companies. The contents are rich in attitude and trade, the life values of the different generations or how a mutual idea can be born from the demands of change. We created and design the book, our illustrations are stylish and the contents show the different aspects of the content in Change Management.

Change Management

Evolution comes before Revolution

Catch accompanied the Change Company from Corporate Design Manual, Corporate Design, Trade Fair to Microsite and Mailing to the positioning and marketing strategy. With this new look, Mutaree can now support companies and organisations with the Change Management processes. The visual world we created visualises Mutaree’s intellectual claim. Bright green stands for growth. Just as in nature and soon in companies after successful Change Management.