German Sports Lottery

Making Champs and Winners

Hard training – year in, year out – every day. Training towards that one moment…winning the competition. What a feeling! We captured these indescribable emotions in our campaign for the German Sports Lottery. There was no prepared photo shoot, just those special moments in the real competition.
The result is an authentic campaign that combines the strength of sports with the social idea. We show real top athletes and young talents who are supported by the German Sport Lottery.

Ready – Go

The others talk – I play!

What does the German Sports Lottery do? They support young talents in German top sports with their proceeds. The daily, intensive training alongside their education, studies or job means they often have to fight to make ends meet.
This is where the German Sports Lottery helps. Our authentic campaign shows a real win-win situation. With every lottery ticket you can support young talents and win up to 1 Million Euros.