At home in the world

In order for First Class airline passengers from around the world to feel at home at Frankfurt Airport, LSG Sky Chefs pamper visitors to First Class lounges with the catering concept MyPlace. We have developed a presentation box to present the culinary range, a variety of amenities and technical features in appropriate formats. Spices from 5 continents appeal to all the guests’ senses. The changing menus and select wines are presented in a sophisticated book. Welcome to MyPlace!

Customer: LSG Sky Chefs
Print run: 20 copies
Target group: Lufthansa Lounge operators

Monster Milk for the little ones!

1st step: packaging design
TetraPak is commissioning Catch with an appealing packaging design of their school milk for primary school children. What do 6 to 11-year-olds want to do? Play! We have therefore designed the packaging of the small snacks during breaktime as Monster Milk – with small ears and feet!

2nd step: presentation box for sales
Buyers in schools now have to be convinced that Monster Milk boosts sales during breaktime in a playful manner. The high-quality sales boxes are the perfect companion for sales representatives.

Customer: Tetra Pak

SWISS brand culture à la carte

SWISS is refurnishing its lounge at Zurich Airport. The SWISS brand culture is visible and palpable in all elements of communication. It is reflected not only in the presented menus but also in the interior, crockery, decorations, uniforms, billboards, a unique presentation box, brochures, personnel handbooks and showcasing of the wines. The very special highlight is the menu with branding made of real wood. 

Customer: LSG Sky Chefs
Print run: 12 copies
Target group: SWISS Lounge operators

Premium handwork for Always Naturella

A high-quality demo box was developed to present the new Always Naturella sanitary towels to the retail market. In addition to a powder brush and eyeshadow, it contains some unexpected utensils which convincingly demonstrate the functionality of the product.
The design of the demo box is customised to the required contents. In meticulous handwork, 45 boxes are produced and refined with a glossy film.

Customer: Procter & Gamble
Print run: 45 copies
Target group: Retail market in Russia, Poland, Romania

No creasing, making the demo run smoothly!

The new female sanitary towels by Always Evax are unique! They guide liquid inwards more quickly and remain comfortably smooth without creasing. So that the sales representatives can present this well in the retail market, all utensils for a convincing product demonstration are contained in a high-quality case. The functionality of Always Evax is further illustrated with 3D cards. Everything keeps its shape and doesn’t crease – just like it should be!

Customer: Procter & Gamble
Print run: 15 copies
Target group: Retail market in Spain

Please touch! The new Always.

For the new Always Platinum sanitary towels, a highly customised and particularly high-quality sales box was developed with which the unique product performance is visualised in the retail market. The demo box has two areas: the touchboard for touching is silky soft – just like the new surface from Always – and the second area, the run-off demo, explains the superior functionality of the product. Tailor-made punches and brackets will be developed for each demo element. In this way, sales can amaze, inspire and in particular … sell!

Customer: Procter & Gamble
Print run: 40 copies
Target group: Retail market in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan

Cheers, ladies!

Wella would like to offer hairdressers a congenial canvassing box for its professional salon product Londa. When, how and why do we go to the hairdressers? This is the perfect conceptual tag.
With a box containing humorous and cheeky gift cards, we are inviting people to various events to acquire new customers. Men first and foremost, so that boyfriends or husbands can finally come and have a trim. You get a “cheers” if the girlfriend is in tow, or a birthday haircut for free. So … cheers to Londa hairdressers.

Customer: Londa by Wella.