Multiple-step Milupa Milumil Campaign

Help, my baby is poopsing!

Come with us on a journey through the wonderful world of baby’s digestion system. See how we spoon-fed complicated biological procedures in our videos with illustrations by Jil Enders. Bacteria become little monsters and pro- and prebiotics are part of the hand luggage.

Feeling good begins in Baby’s Tummy

Lactose, set, go!

A good tummy feeling

Find out in our first video why Milupa Milumil helps baby’s tummy to digest.

But what if baby has tummy ache?

That means the bacteria in baby’s tummy have eaten too much lactose. What happens then is shown in our second video.

Both videos were based on our campaign for Milupa Milumil, which appeared in all media.

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Why does comfort begin in the tummy?

The Charm of Baby’s Tummy

Wir kennen es alle, das spontane Bauchgefühl. Wie kommt das?

We all know the spontaneous gut feeling. How does it happen?

The intestines are also known as the second brain. The brain-intestine axis send signals on comfort, harmony or when something feels wrong. That is why it is so important that baby’s milk contains everything that helps digestion. This is what we communicate in a massive campaign. Analogue and digital.

We also developed informative materials for medical personnel to help explain the connection between baby’s comfort and the early childhood intestinal health to new muss.