Annual campaign for Thomas Cook

Pack your wanderlust

It all started with the idea for the umbrella campaign which includes the different, annual. We created a travel diary to keep all of our memories: Over-sized travel diaries as window displays tell the stories of journeys. Different themes are shown throughout the year: Last minute, family holidays, overseas travels or the announcement of the new travel catalogue.


Last Minute Trips that make you smile!

Book-Tem-Now … low-priced exotic trips are shown in the travel/road diary in bright colours and whet your appetite for overseas travels at a small price.

Our friendly Buddha can relax at the sight and recommends those searching for enlightenment to book a dream holiday last minute. Campaign elements are window decorations, online communication and print ads.

Family Campaign

Yesterday’s Palms are today’s Alp Charms

My travels, my world with a travel diary as key visual that tempts families to spend their holidays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our cow invites the whole family to discover and enjoy the most beautiful spots. Campaign elements are window decorations and communication elements such as mailing, online marketing and print ads. Annoucement of the summer catalogue with special offers for early birds in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Hurray – the Summer Catalogues are here!

Book early, leave soon

We chose a camel for the announcement of the summer catalogues. Standing in the window he couldn’t be missed and got everybody in the mood for travel, diving and camel riding. The campaign for the summer catalogues with special offers for Africa for early birds, contained window decorations and other communication elements such as mailing, onlikne marketing and print ads.